Bio Stimulant (Plant Growth Promoters)


Plant requires various nutrients at different stages of development. Adverse climatic (biotic & abiotic) conditions disturbs natural biochemical metabolism of plant. Bio stimulants help for energizing plant and improving yield of cultivation. Multinutritional formulations containing L— Amino Acids (Biologically Active), Microelements, Peptides and Polysaccharides derived from herbal and mineral sources works as efficient bio stimulants.

Bio Stimulants are rapidly absorbed by foliage and roots for maximum nutritional benefits with minimal energy consumption.

Our Distinguished Bio Stimulant are :

  • Photon X
  • Flow Grow
  • Ampower
  • Sil Flower

PHOTON X : Biostimulant from Plantation to Harvesting

PhotonX is a combination of vital Plant Growth Stimulants (Amino Acids, Seaweed, Herbal & Minerals).....

FLOW GROW : Reproductive Flowering Booster

Flow grow is an innovative botanical formulation which stimulates reproductive capacity of plant......

AMPOWER : Growth Stimulant

Ampower is a special product containing concentrated L amino acid and vitamins. It improves plant .....

SIL FLOWER : For Flowering Stimulant & Disease Resistance

Sil Flower is a newly formulated product based on botanical extracts. Mixture of herbal extracts help for......

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