Plant Protectors


Plant Protectors are certain type of bio control agents derived from natural, herbal and organic materials as animals, plants, bacteria and certain minerals. Plant Protectors have usually no known function in photosynthesis, growth or other basic aspects of plant physiology. Instead, they are active against biological pests and diseases. Many alkaloids, terpenoids, phenolics have been identified that are produced by plant to protect them from pests and diseases. These materials are biodegradable and renewable alternatives, which can be economical for practical use. Worldwide organic farming system embraces this approach to bio control.

Our Distinguished Brands are :

  • Pestonil Plus
  • Pestomite
  • Larvanil
  • Healer Powder
  • X Cure
  • Virus Master
  • Healer Plus

PESTONIL PLUS : Protection from Sucking Pests

Pestonil Plus is a unique product based on herbal ingredients useful for prevention...

PESTOMITE : Protection from Mites and Sucking Pests

Pestomite is an innovative product based on herbal ingredients useful for prevention ...

LARVANIL : Protection from Pest and Insect

Larvanil is a technically developed effective product based on herbal and organic ingredients. ....

HEALER PLUS POWDER : Protection from Fungal Diseases

Healer plus powder is an unique blend of herbal and organic ingredient. On spraying it....

X CURE : Protection from Viral, Bacterial & Fungal Diseases

It is an efficient technical blend of herbal extracts and organic ingredients. It is useful for .....

VIRUS MASTER : Protection from Viral Diseases

Virus Master is a herbal extract based mixture, improves resistance of crop against viral ....

HEALER PLUS : Protection from Fungal Diseases

Healer plus is an unique blend of herbal and organic ingredients. On spraying it increases resistance .....

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