Micronutrients are fine blend of mineral elements and nutrients comprising of optimum composition of zinc, copper, manganese, boron, molybdenum and magnesium. Each individual mineral elements provide balance nutrition to horticultural crops and others such as grains, oil seeds, pulses, spices and plantation. Multi micronutrient sprays formula and crop specific formula suitably used for soil application, foliar spray and fertigation. Zinc is essential for growth, division of cell and production of husks of grains. Copper activate enzymes required for reproduction processes. Manganese drives important role in photosynthesis. Iron supports and catalase biological process and cell growth in plants. Boron increases flowering, fruit setting and plays important role in promoting ripening process. Molybdenum is useful for growth of leaves, and plays important role in prevention of diseases in plants. Magnesium increase production of chlorophyll, proteins alongwith nitrogen in plants.


SoiITEK is a micronutrient mixture for soil application as per government of Maharashtra approved Grade-1. Composition Fe-2%, Mn-1.0%, Zn-5.0%, Cu-0.5%, B-1.0%.

SoiITEK benefits to cell wall development, sugar transportation, flower retention, pollen formation and germination of Plant. SoilTek is necessary for carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism and this mixture is involved in the production of chlorophyll. SoilTek Mixture induces enzymes associated with energy transfer, and lignin formation, this mixture is necessary in photosynthesis, and to form other compounds required for plant metabolism.

NuMix :

NuMix is a micronutrient mixture as per government of Maharashtra approved grade-2. Composition Fe-2.5%, Mn -1.0%, Zn-3.0%, Cu-1.0%, Mo-0.1% and B-0.5%.

NuMix supplies balanced nutrition to plants; it helps in better utilization of NPK & also takes care of hidden hungers which cannot be easily seen through symptoms on the crops. It thus helps the plant to grow with vigour, produce high yield of better quality as well as quantity.

EquiMix :

EquiMix is a total micronutrient fertilizer of government of Maharashtra approved grade-2. Composition Fe-2.5%, Mn -1.0%, Zn-3.0%, Cu-1.0%, molybdenum-0.1°i°, boron-0.5%.

It is well balanced multi micronutrient product in liquid form. EquiMix effectively supplies all the essential trace elements to crop to bring about faster, healthy Growth of plant with higher yield. It also helps in proper utilization of NPK fertilizers.EquiMix increases chlorophyll synthesis thus generating more food for plants.

Full-ON Ca (Chelated Ca 10%) :

Full-ON Ca contains (Ca 10%) participates in metabolic processes of other nutrients uptake, utilizes for continuous cell division and formation, Full-ON Ca promotes elasticity and expansion of cell. It helps in protecting the plants against heat stress. Reduces plant respiration.

Full-ON Mg (Chelated Mg 6%) :

Its active involved in photosynthesis as a component. It plays an important role in plant respiration and energy metabolism. Improves utilisation & mobility of phosphorus.

Full-ON Mn (Chelated Mn 12%) :

It functions with enzyme systems involved in breakdown of carbohydrates, and nitrogen metabolism. Manganese is part of the makeup of enzymes and help in photosynthesis and the metabolic functions of plants. Aids in chlorophyll synthesis. Increases the availability of P and Ca

Full-ON Cu (Chelated Cu 12%) :

Catalyzes several plant processes, Major function in photosynthesis and reproductive stage. Also, Aids is cell wall development and response to pathogen attack

Full-ON Zn (Chelated Zn 12%) :

It is important for normal leaf development and shoots elongation. Essential for pollen development and fruit set. Helps in berry development and maintain for proper fruit size. Facilitates protein synthesis and enzyme activity

Full-ON Fe (Chelated Fe 12%) :

Full-ON Fe Promotes formation of chlorophyll, acts as an oxygen carrier

FoliTEK Fe (Chelated Fe EDDHA 6%) :

Fe EDDHA 6% is a product specially formulated to prevent and correct Iron chlorosis in all kind of crops

FoliTek Boro 20X(Boron 20%) :

It's essential in germination of pollen grains & growth of pollen tubes, essential for seed and cell wall formation, promotes maturity

Moly X (Molybdenum 52%) :

Moly X contains ammonium Molybdenum 52%. Molybdenum is important in building amino acids, protein and helps in sulphur metabolism. Curling, rolling and cupping of leaves and gummy exudates on lower leaf surfaces.

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